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My name is Bridget Leatherman and I am honored to be the Principal at May Elementary School.  I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Las Vegas to be a 4th grade teacher in 1998. Since then, I have taught and served as an assistant principal in several schools throughout the Clark County School District.  In 2012, I was privileged to be hired as the principal at May Elementary School.
May Elementary School is an amazing place to work and learn.  I continue to be amazed every day at how hard all of the staff and students continue to work on setting goals and focusing on achieving to be the best. From News Crew, Cheer Team, Dance Team, Basketball, Choir, there are so many ways to be involved at May.  Our focus is aimed to ensure that all students are learning at a high level and experience academic excellence.  We also strive to instill the essential character traits to assist all students to become successful citizens in this society. 
As the principal at May Elementary School, I value parental engagement and believe that your participation is vital as we work together as a team to provide the most positive educational experience for your children.  I am proud to say that the staff at May will continue to make every effort to provide your children the best education possible so that they can succeed academically and personally throughout their life. 


Assistant Principal

Hello Marshals! I am so excited to be a part of the May community.   I have lived in Las Vegas for most of my life. My family moved to Salem, Oregon when I was in the third grade. I moved back to Las Vegas after I graduated high school to attend UNLV where I earned a degree in Elementary Education. I am a mom to four boys! We are a very active family busy with soccer, football, and volleyball. My favorite hobby is spending time at the gym while my boys are at practice.

I have been an educator with CCSD for 12 years. I have previously taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. My most current teaching position was a technology strategist where I worked closely with teachers and students to increase technology integration into instruction. I am passionate about bringing a fun, energetic, and positive attitude to our campus. 

  As your assistant principal,  it is my number one priority to ensure we work as a team to provide opportunities for students to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. This means at school students feel safe, have access to the best instructional practices to meet their needs, and receive support to develop their character. I am committed to ensuring that student needs, interests, and passions help shape the educational experience in our building. 

I am excited about the possibilities that this school year will bring and proud to be a part of the aMAYzing May team. 

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